Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP), being one of the country's pioneer in Internet Banking, needed to reengineer its core banking system to adopt to the technology-driven demands of its customers - whether corporate or individual. The competition from its peer banks has always been relentless, thereby compelling the Bank's technology architects to look for the best-of-breed solution that can lead the Bank to the forefront of world-class banking in the Philippines. With a nationwide network of 112 branches, UBP was poised to take this challenge.

The Business Issue

UBP prides itself of being the country's first financial portal, having launched cutting-edge products such as the EON Cyberaccount (for individual depositors), Business Online (for corporate accounts), and most recently the GSIS eCard (for all government employees). With such an aggressive product development, technology is expected to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the Bank's clientele. But can the Bank's existing core banking system cope up? UBP made a bold decision to acquire Infosys Finacle running in the Sun Solaris platform to replace the previous IBM mainframe-based system. This breakthrough business transformation brought UBP to the next level of high-tech banking.

Our Approach

How It Worked

The Technology