Dairy Farm Inc.(DFI), a Hongkong-based retail chain managing the 7-Eleven stores in Hongkong and China, wanted to set-up a cost-effective Offshore Data Center in the Philippines. Dairy Farm International Holdings is the leading retailer of fast moving consumer goods in Asia Pacific, with more than $6 billion in annual revenue and 60,000 employees in 10 territories. Hong Kong operations represents $1.5 billion in revenue and encompasses more than 800 retail outlets and 10,000 employees

TIM was there to heed DFI's mission-critical business need. Thus, a 24/7 Data Center was built and manned by TIM's team of highly-specialized IT professionals.


The Business Issue

Handling Hongkong's and China's 7-Eleven stores was indeed a challenge to any company's IT Management Team. More so with manning it remotely from another country like the Philippines. Hence, to save on costs, DFI decided to partner with a reliable and highly-available outsourcing partner than can effectively manage the day and night demands of supporting the IT infrastructure that should have a near zero downtime or unavailability.

Our Approach

How It Worked

The Technology