Heightened Security and Performance through Multi-Cloud: TIM joins hands with F5 and Exclusive Networks

Posted at July 9, 2018





Heightened Security and Performance through Multi-Cloud: TIM joins hands with F5 and Exclusive Networks

June 22, 2018 – Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino, Cebu


Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation, together with F5 and Exclusive Networks, have teamed up to conduct a half-day activity to tackle multi-cloud and the cost, mobility, and security advantages it brings to application deployment.The event opened with a welcome speech by TIM’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Louie Castañeda on which he disclosed TIM’s beginnings and its three-decade journey to becoming one of the most resilient proudly Filipino IT companies it has now become known for in the industry.

Mr. Louie also divulged to the select participants invited to the exclusive event TIM’s strengths consistently exemplified with guidance from its core values as well as the company’s future endeavors in efforts of maintaining and surpassing its reputable track record.

This is followed by a discussion from Mr. Edwin Pajanonot, Channel Sales Manager from Exclusive Networks where he tackled the structural model of security function mapping. According to Mr, Edwin, this map includes:

  • Prevention – achieved through utilization of firewalls and other security precautionary measures
  • Detection – timely recognition and accurate prognosis of a cyberattack
  • Reaction – efficient mitigation of a security breach

Mr. Edwin added that through cooperation of TIM, F5, and Exclusive Networks, this reactionary stage could be made much secure, cost-effective, and eventually more profitable not only for the operational flow of its end-user, but beneficial to its commercial and security aspects as well.

Afterwards, Mr. Joebert David, F5 Philippines’ Chief Technology Officer took the floor to comprehensively tackle F5’s recent expedition to the security realm—expanding from being focused as application delivery controllers in the past.

Migration to multi-cloud has also been discussed by Mr. Joebert, confidently claiming that with its advantage of having freedom to deploy any application virtually anywhere with consistent application services, security, and management orchestration, majority of applications would be deploying to cloud in a few years.

This fruitful and enlightening session for everyone would not be the last for TIM’s efforts to promote and embody tighter security and optimal IT performance to the community as the company continually collaborates with reputable players in the industry in the future.