Parley and Revelry with F5, Flowmon Networks, TIM, and CTP

Posted at September 19, 2018








Parley and Revelry with F5, Flowmon Networks, TIM, and CTP

September 19, 2018 – Rock Craft & Grill, BGC


F5 has once again teamed up with Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation to deliver yet another fun-filled learning session on multi-cloud and security solutions along with Flowmon Networks and Computrade Technology Philippines held on 19th September 2018.


The activity was spearheaded with a welcome speech by TIM President, Mr. Sunver Z. Bastes wherein he talked about the significance of an efficient cybersecurity and cloud solution in ensuring uninterruptible operations, maximized returns, and overall improved quality service delivery to clients.

TIM, in its mission of helping customers succeed, consistently strives to be the partner of choice of enterprises and financial bodies by its attentive delivery of tailor-fit solutions based on each client’s unique work environment.

F5’s Country Manager for Philippines Mr. Gabriel “Biboy” Payawal followed suit with a lively discussion on how F5 bridges businesses in achieving secure yet agile, seamless, and dynamic workspace operation through its multi-cloud offerings and application management solutions, two of its lesser-known offerings yet as powerful as its earlier load-balancing products.

Mr. Lubos Milan, Flowmon Network’s Country Manager for Philippines, demonstrated afterwards how the joint force of the F5 – Flowmon Solution Bundle blends high-speed network protection, flexible scalability, and significant cost efficiency for service providers and their enterprise accounts to provide one of the most efficient and laser-focus security services in the industry.

Lastly, Product Manager Mr. Marcelus Sanchez from Computrade Technology discussed how interested businesses can arrange a highly customizable F5 – Flowmon Solution to their operations while still being at a cost-effective price for their network security needs.

The night did not end at informative discussions alone. After picking the three lucky winners of special prizes, the crowd was hyped up with live performances not only from the venue’s in-house band but also from the attendees hailing from select companies invited for the event.

This fun-filled learning activity would not be the last of the innovative activities of TIM in helping customers learn future-ready security solutions realized through the cooperation of F5, Flowmon Networks, CTP, and TIM.